The Orthodontic Center Of Wayne – Dr. Sally Song

The Orthodontic Center Of Wayne – Dr. Sally Song is a Wayne based orthodontic practice that treats patients of all ages. We can help patients of varying ages with a variety of oral health issues including teeth alignment, crooked teeth, problems with the patient’s bite and more. We provide adult and pediatric orthodontics, helping patients continue to maintain healthy teeth as they grow.

From the moment patient’s walk in the door to any necessary follow-up appointments, we will continue to customize the treatment to the patient’s individual needs. Along with helping to straighten patient’s teeth, we can help them maintain a straight and healthy smile for years to come. By creating a comfortable and welcoming environment, we can help patients relax during the appointment. With pediatric orthodontics, we can ensure a child’s teeth emerge properly.

Scheduling an appointment with us can be an investment for the future of your teeth and oral health.

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