Check out our new ipad station!!!! Fun fun!!!

Our exciting prize wheel has finally arrived! Patients in active treatment will have a chance to spin for tokens, t-shirts and other fun prizes. So this is how it works…you will have a chance to spin the wheel when you come in for your initial visit with us, your birthday month, when you have your braces removed, if you like us on Facebook, give us a review on Google,Google or Bing, and our personal favorite… when you refer other nice patients like yourself to our office. We can’t wait for you to have your chance to spin the wheel! Hold your ears…it has a deep voice!

We want to thank the patients who recently referred friends or family members to our office. We appreciate the confidence you have shown in our office. We want you to know ,we consider your referrals the nicest compliment anyone can give us. To show our appreciation, those who referred us will have a chance to spin the wheel for prizes or tokens!

Some of the families that were so kind in referring us lately are:

The Gallagher, Borchard, Vanas, Wall, Delrio, Ragusa, Symington, Eddeh, Ender, Cappo, Stanfield, Vazquez. Darcey, Esser and Maturano families. Thank you so much for your referrals and for being part of our family.